Wholesome Australian Dad Goes Viral on TikTok, Wins Parenting

Meet "TikTok's most wholesome dad."


In this strange, stressful, and quite frankly objectively bad year, the world could use some good wholesome entertainment. Luckily, someone has filled the void for good feelings — and leave it to a dad with a great sense of humor to give us that. After all, dad jokes are never wrong, and there’s one dad who is doing it so right, he’s gone viral. Everyone—meet TikTok‘s most wholesome dad.

Grant, a now-famous dad, is just a typical guy: he lives in Australia with his wife, and along with his daughter 22-year-old daughter Stace, the two of them have been able to gain over 1.6 million followers on TikTok in a short amount of time. Their success didn’t come from following the viral dances that make the teenagers famous, though. Instead, Stace shares adorably cute videos of Grant. And fans seem to really like it.

The first video Stace featured of her dad, who is an engineer, was in May 2020 when her dad approached Stace, showing her his new work laptop. He admitted to having to call the help desk, not realizing that it needed to be turned upside down to open, and then laughing at himself.