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Andy Samberg Reveals A Hilarious Letter From His 8-Year-Old Self That Came True

Andy Samberg wrote a letter when he was eight years old, addressed to himself, imagining what his life would be like in the future.

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Did you ever get an assignment in school when you were a kid where you were supposed to write a letter to your future self? Where you think you’re going to be an astronaut or a glass blower or the future president? Well, comedian and actor Andy Samberg did when he was eight years old, and boy, was he basically right on the money with what his future would look like.

Recently, Samberg visited Jimmy Kimmel Live, and Samberg read the adorable (and eerily accurate) letter aloud.

The letter was recently found by his parents, who were cleaning their basement.

“I opened this box, and this is a letter,” Samberg shared with Kimmel. “I was in third grade, I was eight years old, and they asked you to do a thing where you write what you think you'll be doing in 20 years.”

Kimmel then held up the letter and read it to the audience. The letter reads:

“Andy Samberg will be 28 years old 20 years from now. He will be a comedian and make a lot of money. After he has made $1,281,342.42, he will get married and have two kids. He will make them clean the kitchen while he watches the football game. Since they do so much work Andy will give them $10 a week for allowance. His kids will be happy, his wife will be happy, and he will be very, very, happy. The end.”

If Kimmel and Samberg didn’t insist this was a real letter and not a “gag,” it’s so accurate to what the future would look like, we wouldn’t believe it’s real.

“It’s shocking how accurate it was,” Samberg said.

Kimmel points out the similarities: Samberg really does have two kids, he really is a working comedian, and the two quip about how Samberg’s kids clean up while he watches football.

The one difference in little Samberg’s predictions for current Samberg’s life is the allowance part for his kids.

Apparently, Samberg joked, they’re not getting an allowance.

“Instead of giving them an allowance — that’s the one difference — we just give them everything they ask for all of the time,” Samberg joked. “We feel like that's going to be a good way for them to learn about the world and make us feel glad we raised them in Los Angeles.”

You can check out the full interview with Samberg on Jimmy Kimmel Live YouTube.

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