Former LEGO Employee Reveals Money Saving Hacks — But Are They Legit?

“Tell me a company secret that you can share because you don't work there anymore."

Lego store
Helen H. Richardson / Contributor / Getty Images

A man has gone viral on TikTok after answering a question in a stitched video about a store where he previously worked. The question asked, “Tell me a company secret that you can share because you don’t work there anymore,” and Aqil Dhanani, a TikToker who calls himself an “unofficial BrickTok philosopher” and who used to work at LEGO, has dropped some tips on shopping at the LEGO store and a secret that all of us could benefit from… if it’s legit, that is.

The first secret he reveals is that the Lego store (allegedly) doesn’t work as other stores do, and that’s why there’s not a lot of pressure to upsell customers.

“The employees at the LEGO brand LEGO store, the yellow ones that say LEGO,” he began, “are paid based on the success of the company not based on the success of the store.”

He continues, “So if you buy your LEGO sets at a toy store Walmart or bookstore, LEGO store employees still benefit.” With this no-pressure sales philosophy comes one simple job the employees have: “our job isn’t to sell you LEGO, it’s to make sure you have a good time,” Aqil says. “If you have a good time with LEGO you can buy it anywhere, and we will benefit because our job is to make you like LEGO.”

Aqil’s second secret is a life philosophy that honestly more people should add to their own lives, regardless of whether or not they are standing in a LEGO store. “We are super nice to you, and if you’re nice to us, we will be even more nice to you,” he explained on why the employees at the LEGO stand-alone stores are so positive.

“I’ve literally given LEGO pieces to people who were nice to me. We’re allowed to do that,” Aqil alleged. “… The only thing that matters is how nice you are.”

Fatherly reached out to LEGO to confirm the truth of claims and the company responded, “We do not comment on the specifics of our employee incentives programs. We value all our staff greatly and our Brick Specialists (Store Staff) are a valuable part of our LEGO team, trained to give the best LEGO experience possible. We are very lucky that many are already fans of the brand and are personally passionate about engaging with customers.”

The truth of the matter appears to be that when you go to LEGO, kindness is a currency, even if it’s just because LEGO employees want to make sure you have fun while you’re in their hallowed stores. It’s clear that LEGO cares a great deal about ensuring that people who walk into their stores have a great time.

Either way, the secret “hacks” resonated with the audience greatly.

“LEGO is so incredible and has been extra kind to my family more than once,” shared one TikTok commenter. “A LEGO store manager once pulled out boxes of loose pieces from the storeroom and let me dig through them for an hour, finding the pieces that I want,” wrote someone else.

For parents, being able to bring our kids into a store that’s full of their favorite things, and not feel the pressure from the employees to buy massive, budget-busting toys on top of the push our kids will give us is honestly refreshing. Plus, it’s great that LEGO is committed to making sure people of all ages have a good time and a positive customer service experience, no matter what.