LeBron Finally Let His Son Get an Instagram

And he already has way more followers than you.

IG: kingjames

LeBron James may be a superstar basketball player and the star of the upcoming Space Jam 2 but when it comes to being a dad, the three-time NBA champion is a lot like you. He gets a little corny hyping up his kids. He sometimes can’t resist becoming that overinvolved sports parent. And he even puts restrictions on his kids’ screentime, as none of his three kids are allowed to have Instagram. Until yesterday, when James announced that he was finally letting his oldest son Bronny get an Instagram.

James announced Bronny’s digital arrival via a post on his own Instagram (where else?), as he shared a photo of his son on the court with the caption: “Everyone welcome the heir to the throne to IG! Told him three years ago the summer of 2019 I’d let … him get one. Damn, time flies! … Anyways, let’s get (it) Bronny! P.S. Keep y’all hating a—s off his comments or we pulling up!”

In 22 hours, the photo has received more than 1.8 million likes and received comments from a wide variety of A-list celebrities, including 2chainz. Bronny then debuted his Instagram with a similar photo, though he opted for a much simpler caption, just writing, “‘Hey IG.'” So far, the less is more approach seems to be working, as the 14-year-old already has 985,000 followers in less than a day (by the time you’re reading this, he’s almost guaranteed to have a cool million followers).

Hopefully, the trolls resist harassing a teenager or they may find themselves on the receiving end of an angry DM from James in full overprotective dad mode. And just ask LaVar Ball how that battle turns out.