Kid’s Attempt to Spell the Names of Shapes Goes Hilariously Wrong, Viral

He wuz dew in his bhest guys.

by Raz Robinson
TWITTER @Sal_Perez4

Struggling with spelling is an inevitable part of being a preschooler. There’s no way that it couldn’t be when the whole concept of sounding out words and inferring their spelling is brand new. Hell, half of the words are brands new as well. While that’s all fine and true, it doesn’t make the way that little kids misspell words any less hilarious. When Twitter user Sal Perez tweeted a picture of his preschool attempts to spell the names of shapes, he showed people just how hilarious attempts at spelling can be.

Since posting, his Tweet has been liked over 280,000 times. While a lot of people just had a good laugh, others were confused, and some were actually impressed that his little preschool brain got as close to the mark as it did at the time. Perez’s hypothesis that he “had to be the dumbest preschooler out there” is slightly ungenerous to himself, he might not be wrong because… this is not impressive.

Spelling the word “circle” as “skro,” almost looks, well more feels, like it could be right on paper, but it took other Twitter users a bit of time to put together what they were looking at.