Kid Who Was Famously Memed In 2007 Just Made $500,000

Meme icons may finally have figured out a way to monetize unwitting their online notoriety.

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Disaster girl meme compilation

Distracted Online Boyfriend. Scumbag Steve. Ehrmagerd girl. These are just a few of the countless meme figures that have achieved legendary status over the years. But being a meme icon comes with a strange duality.

Even with meme-sharing becoming the go-to form of communication in the ever-growing online ecosystem, either because of pain, or laughter, or collective exasperation, the actual people in the memes rarely get any real credit or compensation for their cultural contributions — leaving their image to be shared without profit or benefit.

But that may finally be changing, as Zoë Roth, otherwise known as “Disaster Girl” recently managed to make half a million dollars as a four-year-old face of the meme. If “Disaster Girl” doesn’t immediately ring a bell, the photo of a young girl grinning a house burns down behind her likely will.

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