The greatest action star of all-time picked a cult classic as his favorite. Because of course he would.


Keanu Reeves' Favorite Action Movie is an Obscure Retro Cult Classic

by Blake Harper
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We’ve already established that Keanu Reeves is the greatest action star of all-time but what is his favorite action movie? With all due respect to Die Hard and Mad Max: Fury Road, Keanu’s pick was a cult classic from his childhood… and its peak Keanu.

During an appearance on The Late Show, Stephen Colbert asked Keanu a series of questions so that fans could get to know him better and he eventually asked him to name his favorite action movie, with the caveat that he could pick one of his own. Keanu appeared to briefly consider choosing between Point Break, The Matrix, or any of the John Wick films before settling on Rollerball, which he said was his favorite “when I was a kid.”

“Violence, a game, and philosophy, social commentary … fantastic,” Keanu explained.

If you are not familiar with Rollerball, it’s an action sci-fi sports film from 1975 set in the distant future (2018, in fact) where a fictional, hyper-violent sport known as rollerball has become the most popular entertainment on earth. The rollerball sequences completely hold up with any action you’ll see in movies today thanks to the gritty brutality of the sport.

Along with a ton of badass action during the games, Rollerball, a movie that stars James Caan, features some spot-on commentary about corporate greed and societal desensitization, as well as the foresight of how much computers would dominate life in the future. It’s a movie that has mostly been forgotten by the culture at large but has managed to cultivate a small but passionate fanbase that apparently includes Keanu.

Keanu’s love for Rollerball is not the only thing we learned about him in the interview, as he also revealed his love for peanut butter and honey sandwiches, window seats on airplanes, and dogs. Plus, he thinks spiders are the scariest animals, which is something that we can all agree on.

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