He's every work-from-home parent right now.


Jimmy Fallon Did 'The Tonght Show' From Home and It Was Cute

by Devan McGuinness

Many of us have had to adjust our daily lives and are now working from home. Stars are no different, and Jimmy Fallon has taken his The Tonight Show at home as well. Instead of filming in his big Hollywood-style studio, he’s at home where his kids are. And this home version is so adorable it’s almost better.

Jimmy Fallon filmed an episode of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon at home. He’s done two episodes so far, and it’s so relatable as a parent it’s funny. Fallon is sitting at a chair in what looks like his home office, no suit, no fancy set, just him at home.

Oh, and his two kids are there, too. Just like many of us are trying to get through our workday with our kids in tow, he is also.

Instead of using a crew, cause social distancing and all, Fallon got his wife and two daughters, Winnie and Frances. His kids are only 6 and 3 years old, so as you could imagine, they lost interest in their given job roles pretty quickly, and it was the most perfectly adorable chaos. Frances is spinning on a chair in the corner and then climbing on her dad’s back. Winnie and Willow went into a giggle fit at some point, and it was just joy-filled.

He even brought on a guest, as he would do on the show, except his interview was done through Zoom video. Lin-Manuel Miranda joined his show, which was also at his home office. He gave everyone a tour of his space and showed off some of his kid’s drawings.

The whole episode was totally unconventional. But at a time where we could be using more laughs than ever, it is a welcome difference.