New James Bond Movie Confirms Cast, Villain and Surprise Returning Characters

No title yet, and it sounds like Bond might be on vacation at the beginning...

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James Bond is back…and he’s taking a vacation in Jamaica! In the most laid-back way possible, details for the next 007 movie were revealed on Thursday, including confirmation of several returning actors and characters, plus a tiny detail for how the movie will begin.

During a live reveal on YouTube, some of the cast and production crew of “Bond 25” discussed exactly what you can expect. No footage was shown and the title is still top-secret, but there were a lot of things confirmed, including that persistent rumor that Rami Malek will play the movie’s big baddie. Appearing via satellite, Malek said “I’ll be sure that Mr. Bond doesn’t have an easy ride of it,” making very clear he’s the antagonist of the new story.

Director Cary Joji Fukunaga also revealed that the following cast members are returning.

  • Ralph Fiennes as “M”
  • Ben Whishaw as “Q”
  • Naomie Harris as Moneypenny
  • Léa Seydoux as Dr. Madeline Swan
  • Jeffrey Wright as CIA agent Felix Leiter

It was also confirmed that Phoebe Waller-Bridge is working on the screenplay, which is also written by Bond veterans Neil Purvis and Robert Wade.

Bond producer Barbara Broccoli also said that the film will return to Jamaica, specifically the Goldeneye villa where Ian Fleming wrote the majority of the James Bond novels. She also revealed that the movie will begin with Bond basically on vacation, which dovetails with the ending of Spectre. In that film, James Bond and Madeline Swan drove off into the sunset together, with Bond seemingly leaving his secret agent life behind forever.

“Bond is not on active service and is enjoying himself in Jamaica,” Broccoli said.

The movie is being filmed in Jamaica (also a location in Dr. No and Live and Let Die) as well as Norway, Italy, and London.

Of all the announcements the return of both Léa Seydoux and Jeffrey Wright are probably the most interesting for fans of the current Daniel Craig movies. Jeffrey Wright took the role of Bond’s American counterpart, Felix Leiter in 2006 for Casino Royle. But, we haven’t seen Wright as Leiter in a Bond film since 2008 in Quantum of Solace, meaning there have been two Bond movies without Bond getting an assist from the CIA.

Meanwhile, Seydoux’s comeback as Madeline Swan begs an even bigger question: Could James Bond finally settle down and get married? And if so, can it not end in tragedy as it did in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service? It might not sound exciting, but a married, and happy Bond might be just the twist this franchise needs.

UPDATE: Bond 25 is reportedly suspended filming after Daniel Craig suffered an injury on set. Read more here.

“Bond 25” is out sometime in April 2020.

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