ICYMI: Jack Black Reveals Superhero Transformation Post-COVID Vaccine

Black made a convincing case for being the next Avenger in a viral Instagram.

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Jack Black unergoes a superhero transformation

For most, the side effects of the vaccine shot might include a slight fever, or general fatigue for a day or two, and then within a timely period, immunity against COVID-19. But Jack Black had an entirely different experience with the COVID-19 vaccine and one that is hilarious to boot. The School of Rock actor posted a hilarious and badass viral Instagram video that showed his unusual, Avengers-level transformation after getting his shot.

The video starts with a shirtless, bearded Black receiving his shot (with Eminem’s “Lose Yourself ” playing in the background) when suddenly, he starts to emit a bright yellow glow around him and grows in size. It seems like someone slipped a bit of super-soldier serum into his vaccine dosage by mistake (or possibly on purpose) and Black is more than ready to embrace his new superhuman self.

Black puts on a Captain America mask and his own version of the costume in the form of an American flag speedo, plus the vibranium shield to complete the look.

Black then shows off some of his moves, including shield-tossing and plenty of gyrating, and, with all due respect to Sam Wilson, his audition to take over as the next Captain America is pretty damn convincing. He even wields Thor’s hammer to erase any doubts of whether or not he is worthy of the position.

In a twist ending, Black reveals that he’s not only gunning to be the next Captain America but that he wants to play all of the Avengers. He dresses up as the Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, and even your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

Black has established himself as the internet’s favorite dad during the pandemic and his latest video was another massive hit, racking up more than six million views on Instagram. Thousands of commenters voiced their support for him becoming an Avenger, including Colin Hanks, Kevin Bacon, and Simon Pegg. While he may not be the next Captain America, we certainly wouldn’t mind Black getting at least a cameo in a future MCU film.

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