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Husbands Of Target Viral Video Is a Little Too Close To Home

by Devan McGuinness
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Target is one of the go-to destinations for parents looking for anything. The running joke has always been that you go in there for one item and you leave with a cart full of things you just needed to have while you strolled through each aisle. That’s more of a typical mom thing, while the husbands either lazily follow very unenthusiastically or they wait outside. Well this viral video by four dads playing “a group of husbands collectively waiting in the Target parking lot” hits too close to home in our reality.

In the viral comedy video by Taylor, Penn, Charlie, and Myles, Target is where their wives spend sometimes as much as 12 hours a week doing their shopping and browsing. They all found each other and formed a group, but it’s “not a boys’ club or a social club” though, it’s more like a support group.

“I know it sounds crazy, but I look forward to those throw pillows going on sale now,” Myles says in the middle of video. “Get to see my boys.”

Gone are the days where these guys sit around bored waiting for their partner to finish whatever they’re doing in the store. Nope, they made the best of it. Tailgate parties with brats and sports and poker is what they’re doing to waste the time now.

The video is silly and fun, and the group has taken this parody into real life with a Facebook group dedicated to the husbands of Target. While the members of the online group haven’t met in real life, the support group is filled with corny dad jokes, which the world can never have too much of.

Cheers to making the best out of a boring situation!

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