This Free Website Tells You If You’ve Got Enough Toilet Paper (Or Not)

Don't panic!


Everyone freaked out and bought up all the toilet paper, and it was even scarier when all those empty shelves started showing up on toilet paper. Who would have thought that toilet paper would be something we’d have to worry about having enough of? People are hoarding it, others who are counting down to the last sheet, worried. Well, there is now a calculator that will help you determine if you have enough to last your quarantine period, or if it is time to panic.

How much toilet paper? is described as “a simple calculator for how much toilet paper you need to survive the pandemic,” and it’s terrific. There is no more second-guessing if you can or can’t use more sheets per trip or not. For the calculator, you add in how many rolls you have in the house, move the slider along for how often on average you use the toilet, and it will tell you how long you have before you run out.

There is even an advanced option where even more specific values can be added, including an average number of sheets you use per usage, how many sheets are on each roll (because maybe you have the jumbo-sized or you are only left with the mini rolls). You can also adjust how long your quarantine is, just in case your time in the house is longer or shorter than the 14 average days.

There is a great reminder at the end of the article saying, “not everyone is able to get to a store and stock up on toilet roll. Don’t be selfish.”