What if someone else was left home alone?


'Home Alone' Sylvester Stallone Deep Fake Video Is Funny and Creepy AF

by Ryan Britt

Ever wondered what Macaulay Culkin’s Kevin McCallister would look like in Home Alone if he was digitally replaced by Sylvester Stallone? Yep, we’ve never thought about it either, but then again, that’s what the internet is for, right? Showing you things you didn’t know you wanted to see, and then making it seem like this was a foregone conclusion for the thing to exist in the first place. Welcome to the warped reality of Home Stallone.

Using digital “deep fake” technology, YouTube channel Ctrl Shift Face has given us a video experience we never really wanted: An adult Sylvester Stallone, who speaks as Stallone, more or less, experiences the events of Home Alone, with an added twist that his parents are killed during their plane ride. Is it funny? Kind of? But, in truth, it’s more disturbing than anything. Watch it above if you dare.

Home Alone is streaming on Disney+. (But if you want to watch the hardcore one, hit up Home Alone 3)

The original Rocky is streaming now on Netflix.