Hilarious Photos Show Kids Before and After Their First Day of School

Photographic proof that it can take less than a day for back to school excitement to turn into misery.

Vivi Polk via Twitter/@HelloKennedi

The first day of school picture is a time-honored tradition: a smiling kid dressed to the nines in new clothes, maybe with a fresh backpack and lunch box to boot. It’s all downhill from there as the strictures of the school year—bells, tests, hand-raising—arrive and the homework-free days of summer fade into the past.

And if you think it takes a while for the school year to wear a kid down, you haven’t seen the before and after Twitter thread started by user @HelloKennedi. The before picture shows the kid before school: clean, fresh, smiling. The after picture is of the same kid in the same clothes, now disheveled, their smile replaced by a frazzled facial expression.

The first one shows how hair carefully straightened in the morning can look wild by the end of the first day of kindergarten, and a kid in a sparkly backpack looks way funnier when they’re clearly not feeling too sparkly.

Her outfit is pretty Hogwarts-esque, so it looks like this little girl made it through a particularly vigorous game of Quidditch.

Think pre-K sounds easier than Kindergarten? We found someone who begs to differ.

These pictures are a good reminder that, while there’s definitely a lot of excitement in starting a new grade, school is a grind from day one until, mercifully, summer vacation comes around again.