The Best Lunch Boxes And Bags for Back to School

Including a T-Rex that will devour your kid’s lunch.

Of all the back-to-school swag kids get every year, lunch boxes are probably the most fun. And that’s because lunch is fun. No tests, no math, just apple slices and PB&J ⏤ not to mention recess! ⏤ what could be better? Plus, lunch boxes are more than just a vehicle to transport Graham crackers, they’re like the social media of back-to-school: an early way to broadcast to everybody what a kid’s into. Spiderman, robots, taco trucks, who knows.

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With that in mind, here are some of this year’s best and most useful lunch boxes, along with other lunch accessories like reusable sandwich bags, bento boxes, and ice packs adorned with unicorns. Choose wisely. The bag lunch years don’t last forever.


Taco Tote Lunch Truck

Taco Tote Lunch Truck -- lunch boxes
A back-to-school lunch box to match your kid’s flat-pack taco truck fort, the insulated “Tacotastic” tote from BigMouth features a wide-mouth zippered opening and hard sides to keep their hard shells from getting cracked.

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Brown Paper Bag Insulated Lunch Bag

Brown Paper Bag Insulated Lunch Bag -- lunch boxes
An eco-friendly way to teach kids the importance of brown bagging it (no, we can’t get Chipotle every day, son) without actually burning through paper bags, this tear/leak-proof lunch sack looks like a wrinkled paper bag, keeps food both hot or cold, and rocks a double magnet roll-top fastener.

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Zoli Lunch Kits

Zoli Lunch Kits -- lunch boxes
Prepping your kid’s lunch will be a breeze with this all-in-one lunch box kit; it includes the NOMNOM lunch tote filled with a 10-ounce insulated water bottle, a food jar, a spork, and their popular tiered SUMO snack stackers.

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OmieLife OmieBox

OmieLife OmieBox -- lunch box
Your kid will blow minds in the cafeteria with the OmieBox, which includes an insulated, sealable bowl that keeps food hot or cold without spilling — or removes completely to make way for a tasty sandwich. It’s leak-proof and has removable dividers to fit different sizes and types of foods.

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Dino Case

Dino Case -- lunch box
Suck UK’s Dino Case is a toothy T-Rex head with a moveable jaw that uses two gleaming rows of teeth and a muzzle carrying strap to keep carrot sticks, crust-free sandwiches, and Fruit Roll-Ups safe. The back-to-school lunch box is made out of food/drink-safe plastic, weighs about a pound ⏤ in case your kid isn’t working out yet ⏤ and is recommended for ages 3 and up.

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JJ Cole Snack Bags

JJ Cole Snack Bags -- lunch box
Every day you pack your kids crackers and apple slices in one of these machine-washable, water-resistant snack bags from JJ Cole means one less plastic sandwich baggie ends up in a landfill. Also, they’re decorated like robots, cats, rockets, or butterflies, so everybody wins.

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BUILT NY Big Apple Buddies Cornelia Cat Lunch Backpack

BUILT NY Big Apple Buddies Cornelia Cat Lunch Backpack -- lunch box
For the toddler with a big appetite and presumably a heavy lunch, the Cornelia Cat box is actually a backpack with adjustable padded shoulder straps, wipe-clean interior, and zippered front pocket for quick access to snacks on the go.

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Robot Tin Lunch Box

Robot Tin Lunch Box -- lunch box
Because kids aren’t nearly as suspicious of robots (and their impending world domination) as adults, this food-grade tin box designed like a classic ‘bot should be a huge hit in the cafeteria.

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Insulated Camo Lunch Tote with Bento Box

Insulated Camo Lunch Tote with Bento Box -- lunch box
Not only does this soft-shell tote feature a mesh water-bottle pocket and the oh-so-trendy bento box filled with five lunch containers, but its cool camouflage shark design is sure to appeal to future fashionistas and marine biologists alike.

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Spider-Man Lunch Box

Boys Spider-Man Lunch Box
For the Peter Parker fan who’s still raving about Spider-Man: Homecoming, this back-to-school lunch box looks like Spidey’s face ⏤ complete with eye puff graphics ⏤ and is insulated with a padded top handle. Plus, your kid can make all sorts of “It looks like I’m removing his brain!” jokes when taking out his sandwich.

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Crocodile Creek Ice Packs

Crocodile Creek Ice Packs -- lunch box
Just because a lunch box is insulated doesn’t mean that cheese snack won’t still sweat. Ensure lunch stays cold by throwing in a couple of Crocodile Creek’s playful ice packs, which are adorned with a multitude of kid-friendly graphics including planets, dinosaurs, and unicorns. Yeah, they’re cool.

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