Relive a few of your favorite moments with the appropriate amount of blood and gore (without the kids around.)


Viral Video of Recreated 'R' Rated Harry Potter Scenes Are Must Watch

by Blake Harper
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Have you ever thought that you wanted to see Harry Potter, but the dark, gritty, R-Rated, Zack Snyder cut? Well, someone on the internet has made it happen just for you.

Yes, Harry Potter is typically thought of as a kid’s series. But the actual stories feature people, often children, getting killed or maimed on a consistent basis. Like when Dumbledore is hit with an Avada Kedavara so hard that he falls off the Astronomy Tower, or when George Weasley’s ear is completely blown off, or when Dobby is gutted with a knife as he is saving Harry and friends from captivity. And yet, the movies don’t show any of this gore, choosing instead to have the entire series be almost entirely blood-free to ensure they maintained their PG or, at worst, PG-13 rating.

That didn’t sit right with the Corridor Crew, a production studio that makes pop culture videos in Los Angeles. Niko, one of the members of the team, complained about the movies “pussyfooting” around the reality of magic being “very dangerous and very deadly.”

Sam, fellow VFX lead, agreed, and fortunately, as visual effects experts, they were able to do something about it. So they got to work re-imagining some of the most iconic magic scenes from the series as R-Rated and the results are extremely graphic and extremely badass… and definitely not for children.

Several members of the team got to choose moments from the Harry Potter films that they felt didn’t properly depict the level of violence that actually would have occurred, such as Harry and Draco’s legendary duel and Neville being the victim of Petrificus Totalus.

Of course, as visual artists, the Corridor Crew could not resist taking a few liberties with some of the actual details of the story, such as Colin Creevy getting his head blown off by a quaffle and Professor Lockhart getting impaled by a spike after getting owned by Snape in their duel.

The video was posted earlier this week and has already racked up over a million views, perhaps proving that the next time Harry Potter is rebooted, the movies could be rated R.

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