Gordon Ramsay Gives Chef-Level Critique of Starbucks in Viral Instagram

"Met Harry Snotter!"

Gordon Ramsay pranks Starbucks

We have no question that people have been more bored than normal. There are no concerts, no large sporting events to attend, and many TV shows are still on hiatus as we wait for the world to be safe to congregate again. Not even celebrities are immune to boredom. Just ask Gordon Ramsay who was itching so much for something to do, he decided to take on Starbucks.

The celeb chef shared a video on Instagram of a time where he was so bored, he decided to have some gentle fun with people working at the Starbucks drive-through, and it’s gone viral.

“Some times I get bored on the road,” Gordon captioned the video. Adding, “So I decided to have some fun at the drive-thru and met Harry Snotter!”

In the video, Gordon pokes fun at the menu, driving up to the drive-thru menu and asking a bunch of funny questions to the Starbucks workers about the food. Most of us know that Starbucks food is more grab-and-go, and not a whole lot of time or space to have it customized like a sit-in restaurant would.

Gordon knows this too (we think) but decided to have a little fun. He asked the people working the window several questions about the food, and what type of mustard is on them. He asked about tomatoes, take-aways, and several more random questions before the person working the window said they’re pre-made so it’s not able to be customized, before landing on the Hickory Ham and Cheese Toastie.

When Gordon got the toastie he ordered he poked more fun joking with the guys working that it was only toasted on one size. And the melted string cheese looked “like something out of Harry Snotter!” He then drove up to a garbage can and threw the sandwich out (food waste isn’t funny though), and joked again about “Harry Snotter.”

It’s (mostly) harmless fun, and we’re sure the people working Starbucks that day are thrilled to have a story to tell. The video of the prank quickly went viral on Gordon’s Instagram and people asked for this to be a regular segment going forward.

“Ramsey’s drive though nightmares. Coming soon,” chef Chris Baber wrote.

“Gordon Drive Thrus needs to be a recurring segment,” said Spike Mendelsohn.

At least it gave Gordon something to do – and something for us to laugh about.