Gordon Ramsay Screaming Curses at MasterChef Junior Contestants is Mean and Hilarious

Don't worry, the video is a fake.

by Raz Robinson
Originally Published: 
chef gordon ramsay

Gordon Ramsay takes food preparation extremely seriously. Before his popular cooking shows Hell’s Kitchen and Master Chef became insanely popular, the idea of a grown person being castigated then crying on television over an undercooked steak would have seemed like a comic premise. It still kind of does actually, but now it’s basically a genre of reality television. It is also, oddly, not the same genre of television as Ramsay’s MasterChef Junior, a genuinely sweet show on which Ramsay says encouraging things to precocious children making souffles. However, mash the two up and you’ve got gold.

Youtube user FunnyComputerGenius did exactly this to create a fake but nonetheless must-watch video of Ramsey screaming at children about their cooking. It is mean on the level of a Roald Dahl villain and hilarious on the same level (granted, it wouldn’t be if it was real).

While Ramsey has a real penchant for fostering fear, anger, and existential crisis in the hearts of even the most confident chefs, the tone he takes with children on the show MasterChef Junior has always been extremely admirable. He’s kind, patient, and manages to go entire episodes without telling anyone to fuck off. As a father of four, he’s clearly comfortable in the role of kitchen daddy. It suits him and MasterChef Junior remains really, really enjoyable TV. Still, the idea that he might one day lose it remains as tantalizing as ever.

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