Like Father, Like Kid

'God of War' Hilariously Sends Ben Stiller, Lebron James, And John Travolta To Therapy With Their Kids

“I think we call that a LaBreakthrough.”

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Ben Stiller and Quin Stiller

God of War is gearing up to release its new installment and the first advertisement makes it clear that the storyline is continuing to lean heavily into the father/son Kratos and Atreus relationship. We’re not complaining though because the first ad for God of War Ragnarök is so random it’s absolutely hilarious, and a fun play on the action-adventure video game.

In the video, Ben Stiller has started up his own father-kid support group which includes other famous dads, John Travolta and LeBron James. Joining the famous dads in the support group are their real kids, Ella Travolta, Quinlin Stiller, and Bronny James, who very clearly don’t want to be there.

The group is led by Stiller who is dressed to the nines as Kratos, who explains to the group how the father/son relationship between Kratos and Atreus can inspire everyone to become better parents.

“The God Of War dynamic plays out in every parent/child relationship,” Stiller says in the video. “When that clicked for me, I picked up my Leviathan Axe and felt truly close to my son for the first time.”


“I’m seventeen,” his son replies with an air of cringe in his voice. “Exactly,” Stiller says.

Then Stiller turns to James, “nobody can hurt you like your kids right, LeBron,” prompting him to reply with a story.

“Bronny said he would rather play against me than with me,” he says with a sad face. “Shot in the heart.”


“I think we call that a LaBreakthrough,” Stiller declares, “some shots you just can’t block.”

“Why don’t you ever hurt my feelings,” Travolta, clearly wanting his own “LeBreakthrough” says turning to Ella.

“Okay, you’re old and you’re bald,” she says back to him before Travolta declares he’s “just like Kratos.”

The kids did a great job in the ad playing the deadpan kids who are fed up with their dads. There’s a hilarious joke in there about wearing a costume and if it really helps, and a few other zingers the kids get in on their dads. The whole thing is worth the watch.

God of War Ragnarök is out November 9 on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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