7-Year-Old Goes Viral With Her Theory About Where Babies Come From

Kids explaining complicated biology will never not be funny.

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girl explains babies come from
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Parenting is a fun trip and explaining all of life’s intricacies to little humans who don’t quite understand the world yet can be bumpy. Having conversations about complicated topics like sex and pregnancy and how people are made is essential and when the information comes from us, kids are better prepared. But it’s also hilarious because these conversations can be awkward. One little girl has gone viral with her own theory about how babies are made and where they come from, and you can tell this family has great discussions.

“On the way to the trampoline park, my 7-year-old regurgitated what her older sister told her about how babies are made,” the mom who filmed the video said. “I was so shocked to hear her say this that when we arrived, I asked her to repeat what she had said while I videotaped it.”

And we’re so glad she had her daughter repeat her story and that she taped it for all of us. It’s gold, and she’s kind of on to something. “You get a boy and then you get a girl,” the young kid begins explaining. “And then the boy sticks his long pe-pe into the girl’s vagina.”

Then her theory goes a little off biology when she explains, “Then if they want one baby, they wait for 5 minutes; if they want 2 babies, they wait for 10 minutes, if they want 3 babies, they wait for 15 minutes, if they want 4 babies they wait for 20 minutes, and it goes on and on.”

The little girl then goes on to discuss how labor and birth goes down. “Then they rush to the hospital when the belly gets this big,” she starts putting her hands out in front of her. “The baby starts kicking really fast,” she says, adding that when the woman is 9 months pregnant, “they get the baby out from her vagina or belly.”

It’s obvious that the parents of this girl have had a few conversations about the biology of sex, pregnancy, and birth, but there’s still some kid imagination coming through. Her explanation makes sense in a kid-version kind of way and it’s adorable in its innocence and her enthusiasm to share her knowledge is adorable. And it’s a new explanation that people haven’t heard before, and honestly it’s better than the stork version of the story.

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