Bad News: You Can’t Buy That Giant Motorcycle From That Viral Video

We dug deep and couldn't find a website.

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Jayson Luber — otherwise known as a traffic reporter for the Denver, Colorado area — recently posted a viral video of a man on what appears to be a massive motorcycle-car hybrid driving along a highway with a massive cross on it, the ten commandments, and an American flag flying off the back — on Facebook, and the video went viral. Thousands of commenters suggested that they might want the vehicle for themselves, but unfortunately, it might not be possible to buy the ridiculous motorcycle-car-hybrid-thing.

The motorcycle hybrid was created by Tower Trikes, a South Bend, Indiana motorcycle business owned by Jim Gesto, who was interviewed by a local news station in 2018 after the truck first gained fame. “One of the things that kind of bugged me was I’m on our road and I see that car ran over a motorcycle… How do you solve that problem?” he said in the interview. “Well, you build a motorcycle big enough to run over a car.” The motorcycle is massive: some 11,000 pounds, with 15-inch tires, and an 80-gallon diesel fuel tank, according to Gesto.

Indeed, that seems to be the mission statement behind the unusual vehicles that resemble tractors for farming. On the Tower Trikes Facebook page, which hasn’t had a new post since 2016, the company is described as the place for “everyone who loves riding motorcycles but hates getting killed.” But given that there have been no new posts on the Facebook, and the website is either under construction or yet to be built, that means that the now-viral super-cool trucks might not actually be available for purchase right now. Still, at least we can enjoy the video of the silly truck — and recognize that it actually fulfills a market need: people who love motorcycles but hate dying.

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