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A Massive Full Pink Moon Is Coming — Here’s How to Watch

This is guaranteed to be one of the best skies of the entire year.

The first supermoon of 2021 is set to appear next week, as the Pink Moon, the name given to April’s full moon, will shine brightly in the sky. It’s guaranteed to be one of the best night skies of the entire year and you absolutely won’t want to miss it. Here is everything you need to know about the Pink Moon.

What Is a Supermoon?

A supermoon occurs when the moon is both full and at its perigee, which is the point in its orbit when it’s closest to Earth. This means that you can expect the moon to look approximately 30 percent brighter and 14 percent larger than a normal full moon. Basically, the moon is going to be extremely big and extremely bright.

When Can You See the Pink Moon?

The Pink Moon will reach its peak illumination on Monday, April 26 at approximately 11:33 pm EST. Given its brightness and size, you won’t need a telescope or any special stargazing tools to see it, though you may want to find a spot away from other lights if you really want to make the most of your viewing experience.

Will It Really Be Pink?

Sadly, no. The name Pink Moon is not because of the moon changing color. Each month’s full moon receives a different name and April’s Pink Moon was named after a pink spring flower, according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac.

Is This the Only Supermoon of 2021?

It’s important to remember that while all supermoons are full moons, not all full moons are supermoons. So next Monday’s Pink Moon will be one of only two supermoons in 2021, with the next coming in May, as the month’s full moon will coincide with it being at its closest proximity to earth. So if you are unable to check out the Pink Moon for whatever reason, just remember you will still have the chance to see a supermoon next month.