350,000 Ford Vehicles Have Recalled: Why, What to Know & What to Do

There have been three separate recalls impacting several models of Ford vehicles.

a grill of a Ford vehicle
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If you drive a Ford vehicle, the company is asking owners to take them to an authorized dealer to repair issues related to three recalls. In total, 350,000 vehicles are included in the recall—for three different reasons. Lincoln Navigator SUVs, Ford-150, 350, and 550s, and different year models of Mustang Mach-E SUVs are all involved in the recall. Here’s everything you need to know about what models have been recalled, why they have been recalled, and what to do if your vehicle is involved in the recall.

What Ford models are being recalled?

Ford recently issued three separate recalls impacting some of its more popular vehicle models. The first recall has been released for the 2021 Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator SUVs that are impacting 39,000 vehicles.

A second but separate recall impacts several of the vehicle manufacturer’s heavy-duty trucks including the 2016 F-150, 350, 450, and 550. Approximately 310,000 vehicles are affected by this recall.

Additionally, Ford has announced a recall for 464 vehicles related to its 2021 electric Mustang Mach-E SUVs.

In total, all three recalls amount to approximately 350,000 vehicles, and the company is treating the recalls urgently.

Why are these Ford vehicles being recalled?

The recall of the 2021 SUVs is connected to a previous recall that was issued in March of this year, related to fires sparking in the engine even when the car is not turned on. Ford has shared that there have been 16 reported fires under the hood of the car, 14 in rental company cars—and 12 of these fires happened while the SUVs’ engines were not running.

The recall for the heavy-duty trucks was issued after reports of the driver-side airbag not inflating during a crash. According to reports, dust is able to get into the airbag wiring in the steering wheel which disconnects the electricity and prohibits the airbag from inflating when needed.

In the third recall—the electric Mustang—the company states a software problem can cause dangerous issues while driving. These issues could include unintended acceleration, deceleration, or a loss of drive power in the all-wheel-drive vehicles.

How to tell if your vehicle is part of the recall

If you’re not sure if your vehicle is included in any of these three separate recalls, go to the Ford website and input your vehicle’s vehicle identification number (VIN) to search any recalls related to the make, model, and year of your vehicle.

Ford also announced they’re working hard to notify all vehicle owners related to any of them by mail, which is only possible for those who have registered their vehicles.

What should you do if your Ford vehicle is part of the recall?

For the SUV recall related to fire potential, the company isn’t instructing owners to stop driving their vehicles but is strongly urging people to make sure their cars are only parked outside. As of right now, the company can’t pinpoint why the fires keep happening and for safety reasons, parking outside is far safer.

“We are working around the clock to determine the root cause of this issue and subsequent remedy so that customers can continue to enjoy using their vehicles,” Jeffrey Marentic, general manager of Ford passenger vehicles, said in a statement.

For the heavy-duty and electric vehicles, owners can visit their local Ford dealership for repairs.