Fisher Price Virtual Vintage Toy Museum Brings Major Nostalgia Feels

The virtual museum, which is on Instagram, features some of the most iconic toys from nine decades of toy-making.

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Fisher-Price, the toy brand that everyone on the planet probably had a toy from growing up at one point or another, is the type of brand that furnished our parent’s childhoods, our childhoods, and inevitably, our children’s childhoods. That’s not conjecture — it’s literal fact. Fisher-Price has been making toys for over 90 years. And now, Mattel, who purchased Fisher-Price in the early ’90s, decided to celebrate that near-centennial anniversary by launching a first-of-its-kind virtual museum for the best toys they’ve created in the past 90 years, or nine decades. All of those fancy words really mean that Fisher-Price has launched an Instagram celebrating some of its most nostalgic, and awe-worthy, toys.

The Instagram posts began in the decade of the 2010s and have since been moving backward to celebrate different toys from different parts of each decade. For example, the 2002 Battle Castle got a featured spot on the platform. The iconic toy (I dimply remember it from my childhood) featured light-up torches, cannons, and a working drawbridge. I can almost remember the near-constant commercials for it on Nickelodeon now.

But not every toy is marketed towards 8-year-old boys. Other toys, like an Activity walker made in 1991, is clearly for babies who are figuring out how to walk and also just wanted some tactile play.

But some of the more iconic — and still beloved — toys come from way back when. It’s hard to believe, for example, that the first rainbow-colored-rings stacker toy was invented in 1960, because they’re still in every playroom or kid’s bedroom on the planet, it feels like.

The Instagram account is fun, colorful, and a tonic for stressful times. Maybe look at it and take a trip down memory lane.

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