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The Greatest Dad Movie of All Time Is Coming to Netflix

There are many great movies about fathers and sons but no great movie about fathers and sons is as great as Field of Dreams.

There are many great movies about fathers and sons but no great movie about fathers and sons is as great as Field of Dreams. And this November, it’s headed for Netflix. You should watch it with your kids.  You should watch it with your dad if you still can. You should watch it and enjoy for how deftly it deals with a son reconciling his father’s past. Also, baseball.

For the five of you who haven’t seen it, Field of Dreams tells the story of Ray (played by Kevin Costner), an Iowan farmer whose life is changed forever when a mysterious voice tells him to build a baseball field with the iconic “If you build it, he will come.” What? Who? Why?

Field of Dreams is widely (and correctly) considered one of the greatest family and sports movies ever made, as it manages to perfectly capture the simple need of a boy playing catch with his dad before his dad was ever his dad and unbound by a family or heartburn or checks to sign. It’s well acted and sentimental in all the right ways without being overly saccharine. It’s about a man getting the chance to hang out with ghosts and build a cool baseball stadium along the way. It’s also about family.

Field of Dreams movie still

In the age of streaming, movies that were once considered classics can easily be forgotten if they aren’t available online, as the death of Blockbuster and video rental stores have left most people at the mercy of their Netflix queue. This is why Field of Dreams coming to Netflix is such a major win. It means you can finally show your kid one the greatest family movies of all time instead without having a reason for doing so.

So make sure to lock Field of Dreams in for your next family movie night. Your kid might object at first but, by the end, they’ll be enraptured by this timeless story that people of all ages can enjoy. One warning: if your kid is on the younger side, you may want to skip the scene where Ray’s daughter Karin nearly chokes to death, as it might be a little frightening. The scene starts at 1:26:30 and is over by 1:28:45.

Other than that, sit back and enjoy. And when it’s over, horse around with your kids or play catch with them. Few family movies make you feel the squeeze of time more. It’s totally natural.