This 15-Hour Waffle House Nightmare Is the Greatest Fantasy Football Punishment Ever

"This was horrible and I recommend no one ever do this."

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A wise man once said, “fantasy football is about proving you are better than your friends” so naturally, one of the best parts of any respectable fantasy football league is a brutal punishment for whoever gets last place. One league created one of the best last-place punishments of all time and lucky for all of us, the entire thing was documented in a now-viral Twitter thread.

Lee Sanderlin, the loser in this case, tweeted yesterday as he served his official league punishment, where he was forced to spend 24 hours in a waffle house but for every waffle he eats, he gets one hour taken off. Sounds simple enough but it quickly turned into a living nightmare that reduced Sanderlin to “one human who is dead on the inside.”

Sanderlin started out strong, eating four waffles in the first 90 minutes but the toll of overindulgence quickly caught up with him, and with 18 hours to go he was already requesting for somebody to “launch me into the sun.” Things slowed down significantly from there, as he needed another hour and a half just to finish his fifth waffle.

By the time he got to waffle no. 6, Sanderlin admitted that the food was “going down like cement” and he understandably hit a wall physically and mentally. Three hours later, he finally finished it but still had 12 hours to go.

After spending a night of pure misery in the waffle house, Sandlerlin was miraculously able to eat three more waffles, bringing his total to 9. And after 15 hours, he was finally set free and after generously tipping the waitstaff who helped him survive this whole ordeal, he offered some hard-earned advice for anyone considering trying out this extreme punishment.

“This was horrible and I recommend no one ever do this,” Sanderlin tweeted.

I salute your commitment, Mr. Sanderlin, and sincerely hope that you are never forced to eat a waffle again.

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