‘Face/Off’ is Getting a Reboot and People Are Freaking Out

Who would you cast for the remake?

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Credit: Paramount/Twitter

Remember when Nicolas Cage and John Travolta traded faces and tried to kill each other? If you don’t, then why are you reading this website!?? If you do, you were probably a teenager in the ’90s, a golden era for goofy movies like Face/Off and accepting that there should definitely be an unnecessary slash in the middle of the title. ’90s movie punctation is the best punctuation.

Anyway, Hollywood — specifically Paramount Pictures — is remaking Face/Off and people are losing their minds about it. On Tuesday, after the news broke, everyone started chiming in with their opinions about the next version of Face/Off, a movie about two famous people who end up looking like each other. Plenty of folks have in have dreamed up their own fake-cast for the new reboot. Let’s dive into how everyone is taking the news.

All legit choices, right?

Let’s be honest, this is how real ’90s kids feel right now:

This is actually my favorite idea!

Also solid.

Okay, maybe?

At present, Paramount has not confirmed who will be taking off their faces in the new Face/Off, so it’s probably too early to rule out either Travolta or Cage coming back and doing it again. But, the most important question remains unanswered: will the new Face/Off retain the slash? Or, will the reboot commit blasphemy and simply become…Face-Off or, even worse, just Face Off?

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