Expecting Parents Practice Swaddling on Cat, Perfect ‘Purrito’

And the cat does not look excited to be there.


There are plenty of ways for expecting parents to prepare themselves for the challenges that come with raising a child. They can read books, take classes, or even watch their friend’s kids to try and better understand what it really means to be a parent. But when one soon-to-be dad revealed his wife’s unconventional and hilarious way to use their cat named Skittles for her parenting preparation, the internet quickly lost its collective mind. Why? Because Reddit user “turnbased” shared a photo of his cat completely wrapped in blankets with the caption to end all captions: “My pregnant wife is practicing her swaddling. Skittles isn’t a fan.”

In just 14 hours, the photo has been viewed nearly a million times on Imgur and has been upvoted on Reddit more than 58,000 times, which earned the post a spot on Reddit’s front page. With his eyes nearly bulging out of his head, it looks pretty clear that Skittles is extremely confused as to what the hell is going on. And given the given the difficulty many parents have swaddling their newborns, many commenters were left wondering how exactly this expecting mom managed to swaddle a cat in the first place. User chosenamewhendrunk commented, “When my son was born he was so wriggly that the midwife commented ‘It’s like trying to swaddle a cat’. Your wife is more accomplished than a professional.”

While turnbased’s wife clearly has a gift when it comes to swaddling, this is not the first time someone has shared their cat-wrapping skills online. In fact, there is an entire subreddit called Purrito (of course) which mostly features videos of cat-owners swaddling their beloved pets. User awkwardtheturtle even filmed themselves wrapping up their cat, just to give curious viewers an insight into how it is done. And while it may seem a bit strange to swaddle your cat as though it was a baby, it may help expectant couples get some real-life parenting experience. Just don’t wrap your cat too tight because chances are that won’t end well for anyone.