Here’s Everything PBS Has to Help With Coronavirus

They've got the right information when you need it.

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There is no question that things out there are tense. With so many people stuck at home while trying to work with their kids at their feet, it’s anxiety zone. Add in the whole coronavirus thing and the information we must sort through to get accurate statistics and warnings; it’s no wonder families are feeling so overwhelmed. PBS knows that being stuck at home isn’t always the best and they’re doing what they can to help parents, and others, with the coronavirus crisis.

PBS is a source that parents can trust for both getting accurate information and for providing educational resources for our kids. The last thing we need while stressed and anxious at home is to scramble and PBS has planned some content to help parents and kids during this time.

The company announced in a press release their intention to increase the tools and support to help kids continue their learning at home while applying social distancing. “As many families and teachers face school closures, PBS KIDS and PBS LearningMedia are offering a variety of tools to help support learning at home, including educational videos and games from favorite series, and related skill-building offline activities,” the company states.

On top of this, PBS and its local PBS local stations have added coronavirus and COVID-19 related programming so its viewers can have access to the right information they need to navigate this pandemic. A special PBS NEWSHOUR is slated to air which will focus on “health precautions for individuals and the public at large, as well as the pandemic’s economic impact in both the United States and globally.”

Coronavirus-Related Programming:

Having information that you can trust is key when there is so much misinformation out there. Understanding the impact the virus has and your responsibility to help flatten the curve of those infected is reliant on people getting the right information. PBS is committed to giving its viewers the best information.

Confronting Coronavirus: A PBS Newshour Special: Premiering Thursday, March 19th at 8-9pm ET

“This special, from PBS NEWSHOUR, will focus on health precautions for individuals and the public at large, as well as the pandemic’s economic impact in both the United States and globally,”according to the press release. This will include reports and a virtual town hall with questions people want answers to all across America.

Spillover – Zika, Ebola, & Beyond: Re-airing Thursday March 19th at 9-10pm ET; also available to stream on the PBS Video App

This is a previously aired 2016 documentary that is relevant during the coronavirus crisis. This program takes a look at what is behind the increase of these viruses and examines their impact and how to prevent world outbreaks. Though this is for other deadly viruses, the strategies are still the same to manage coronavirus and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Frontline “Coronavirus Pandemic:” Premiering Tuesday, April 21st at 9-10pm ET

“A special FRONTLINE report on the government response to the coronavirus and the human toll” is how it’s described on the press release. This is a two-part special that looks at the way the federal response team handled the outbreak vs how it was handled in Washington State,and the Midwest.

How Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Can Help the Kids:

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood has always been really good at infusing lessons for kids in ways they understand without overwhelming them. The same is true for big topics like the coronavirus. The PBS show gives advice on how to stay healthy and helps kids navigate those big topics in kid-friendly ways including:

Draw Your Feelings Activity Page

Doctor Daniel GameHow to Prepare Your Children for Unexpected EventsGerms, Germs Go Away HandwashingA Germ Fighting Superhero Videos

Additional Programming and Support for Kids:

PBS LearningMedia is a resource that’s free-of-charge for educators and parents for PreK through grade 12. This is a collection of learning videos that directly relate to the coronavirus and gives kids and teens the background they need to reduce their anxiety.

Virus Information & Prevention Collection

“This collection of resources helps PreK-12 educators teach the nature of viruses (including novel coronavirus), how they are transmitted and the healthy habits we can all engage in to prevent their spread” the cm

Webinar: “Distance Learning with PBS LearningMedia”

On Wednesday, March 18 at 7:00 p.m. ET, PBS is offering a “one-hour professional learning event for PreK-12 educators that will include tips and techniques to support distance instruction.”

Distance Learning Resources

This is a variety of features that supports distance learning and is easily searched by grade level, state and national standards, and integrates with Google Classroom and Remind

Resources for Children and Families:

PBS Kids is also offering a lot of resources to support caregivers and families with programming that they can access when needed. Chances are we are going to rely on the TV during the kids homeschooling and PBS includes a 24/7 channel with educational programming for kids aged 2-8.

PBS Kids for Parents

A website with activities, information, and tips for parents. It includes resources on how parents can talk to their kids about the coronavirus, how to manage anxiety and worry, guidance on how to support “playful learning” at home, and encouraging healthy habits.

PBS Kids Games App

PBS’ game app includes nearly 200 games which are all education-based, and can be downloaded for offline play.

PBS Kids Video

The video service is available online, on smart TV devices, mobile or tablet where kids can access on-demand educational videos and a livestream of the PBS Kids 24/7 channel and no subscription is required.

At a time where the wrong information can be very dangerous, PBS is doing what they can to ensure their viewers are given the right directions and helping families

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