Elon Musk’s Nickname For His New Baby Is Really Sweet

New viral video reveals a Musk baby cuddle session.

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Since Elon Musk and Grimes’s infant baby boy was born in May, and his rather unusual name was revealed (and then re-revealed, and re-revealed, through name-changes and birth certificate alterations to make the name legal in the state of California), many have wondered what the parents of the baby boy would call their new boo.

After all, X Æ A-12 (not his legal name, which is X AE A-XII) is a bit of a mouthful. And while we now know how to pronounce his name (Musk confirmed on Joe Rogan’s show that the phonetic pronunciation of the confusing name is “X Ash A Twelve”) we don’t know what his parents will regularly refer to him by. Would his parents call him X? Would they call him Ash, as Grimes and Musk have suggested is the pronunciation of the AE in the name? Or would they call him A, or twelve, or X II? Well, we finally have an answer as to the mystery of the baby’s name, thanks to a new viral video.

Maye Musk, Elon Musk’s other, posted an adorable Instagram video of Musk and his new baby boy cuddling and cooing at one another. In the video, he is holding his infant son and says, “Do you recognize my voice? Does my voice sound familiar? Who am I? This is your dad speaking. Hello, hello baby.” And then he adds: “Hello, baby X.”

So, there you have it! It sounds like, for the foreseeable future, Musk and Grimes’s new baby will go by “Baby X,” or “X.”

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