Watch Out! Elmo is Taking Over Late Night

Just when you thought you'd get a break after dinner.

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Elmo is giving Jimmy Kimmel a run for his money. Apparently, the iconic red muppet on Sesame Street is taking over late-night and starting his own at-home talk-show in the evening. That’s right: Elmo is getting a suit and sitting behind a desk to talk pop culture and, well, whatever else before 7:30 because, according to press behind The Not-Too Late Show With Elmo, that’s about his bedtime.

The show, which premieres on HBO Max alongside the whole channel’s launch on May 27, will feature real, human, celebrity guests like the Jonas Brothers, John Mulaney, and Jason Sudeikis, but also the regular cast of characters like Oscar the Grouch and the Cookie Monster. The show looks like a blend between adult interests — Kacey Musgraves will be one of the guests — and the vested interests of children, largely meaning puppets on Sesame Street.

To many parents, the encroachment of Elmo into the any-time-after-the-sun-goes-down territory is, well, not as welcome as one might think. But the news is probably great for the world’s children, who want nothing more than more television and, quite frankly, more Sesame Street.

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