Weird History! Your Kid’s Favorite Chips Were Invented at Disneyland

Truly the happiest place on Earth!

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Ask someone what the happiest place on Earth is and they will probably say something about Disney. Disneyland has had that tagline associated with their park forever and for many people who have visited the parks, some of whom are bonafide superfans who are so into Disney that they’ll stand for hours in line to buy novelty merch like popcorn buckets, the phrase holds true. Now we’ve learned a new fact about Disneyland that solidifies the tagline even further – apparently, our favorite snack was invented there!

According to SFGATE, Disneyland is who we have to thank for the invention of Doritos, the delish multi-flavored snacks. The story of how Doritos came to be is super fascinating and quite a ride, too. It all began in 1955 when Fritos became a corporate sponsor of Disneyland, opening Casa de Fritos, a restaurant in the park.

The restaurant served “authentic Mexican food,” and several of the dishes came with a side of Fritos – which was just tortillas. These tortillas came from Alex Foods, a local tortilla factory – and a worker there had a genius idea when visiting Disneyland for work.

“One day, a salesman from Alex Foods noticed that Casa de Fritos was dumping stale tortillas in the trash,” Bob Sorokanich wrote on Gizmodo. “He gave the kitchen a tip: instead of trashing the stale tortillas, cut them up and fry them.”

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