These 8 Award-Winning Dog Photos Will Make Your Day

The 2022 Dog Photography Awards winners were just announced — and the images are an incredible reminder of how lucky we are to have dogs.

From an avalanche rescue dog captured amongst the ice to a pooch caught in torpedo-like motion leaping over a hurdle, to beautiful, simple portraits, the Dog Photography Award-winners — selected by a jury of renowned photographers from entries all over the world— display a range of talents and stories and deserve to be seen.

Dog Photography Awards

1st Place Winner Portait & Landscape — Dalia Fichmann — Switzerland

“The avalanche rescuedogs are often the first responders, fighting their way through the avalanche cones on their four paws with a lot of perseverance to look for the buried people, who are sometimes buried several meters under the snow masses,” said Fichmann.

Dalia Fichmann – Switzerland