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Disneyland, California Adventure Parks Tickets On Sale Next Week — What’s the Catch?

Because there's always a catch.


Disneyland Resort has announced tickets for Disneyland and California Adventure Parks will be going on sale. Starting April 15, 2021, the reservation calendar will be open to those who want to plan a visit. But there’s a catch. Here’s what you need to know.

According to Los Angeles Times, Disneyland and California Adventure Parks are set to re-open at the end of April. Ticket reservations will open up next week, but there’s only a small subgroup of people who will be able to snag the first dates. The publication reports admission to the parks will be available only to people who live in California and are holding unused tickets from before the shutdown in March 2020.

Visitors will need to hold a reservation for the park and have a ticket to be granted admission. Each needs to be done ahead of time (there are no walk-ins allowed to the park at this time). Tickets will go on sale on April 15, with reservations opening up on April 12 for existing ticket holders.

Ticket prices will be the same as last year’s prices, following the same five-tier pricing system. The first date available for tickets to be purchased is April 30, with the park operating from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. with limited capacity.

Even though the park is opening back up, it won’t be anything like pre-pandemic times. And several perks of the park have been suspended. Disney FastPass and MaxPass, which allow visitors to skip ahead in the queue for the most popular rides, are suspended at this time. Also, the annual passholder program was scrapped in January. However, holders can still receive discounts at the park for things like food and merchandise.

Disneyland and California Adventure Parks also must follow strict public health safety guidelines, which were released last month. These guidelines include outdoor-only queues, indoor rides no longer than 15 minutes in duration, guests from different households need to be six feet apart or more, and everyone over the age of 2 needs to remain masked. The temperature of every person will be taken before entering the park.

TravelPulse recommends anyone who holds a pass already and is looking to book when the park opens again follow a streamlined process. Disneyland Resort recommends visitors follow a process of four steps: secure theme park admission first, then access the reservation system. From there, create your party, select the day and the theme park you’re hoping to visit, then review and confirm. Following this will ensure all the right dates line up so it won’t end in disappointment.

While Disneyland opening up again is a good sign that things are moving in the right direction, there’s still a long way to go before we’re back to normal. But, for that small subgroup of people who live in California and already hold a pass, go have some (safe) fun!