Still the most magical place in the world.


Disney World In 1974: Resurfaced Video Is Full Of Nostalgia

by Devan McGuinness
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Disney World is one of the best places in the world to visit. It’s a vacation that sticks in our memories for a long time. And it doesn’t matter if we visited as a child or an adult, there is so much happiness that runs through the place. That’s what makes this 47-year-old resurfaced video of people visiting Disney World feel so nostalgic. Although it was forever ago, it’s proof that this place has been magical for decades.

Unearthed by Digg, the 17-minute-long video features a home video shot in 1974 during a visit to Disney World. Shot on an 8mm 16fps, the video is a way back to Florida nearly 50 years ago. If the camera work didn’t immediately give it away, a look at the dull earthy colored neutral hue clothes everyone in the crowd was wearing was an easy giveaway — and probably the fact that Disney was much more affordable back then.

The Disney World castle looks unchanged from what we know it as today. Pinocchio and the fox from Disney’s Robin Hood were in the crowd, stopping to pose for photos with the people featured in the video. They’re different from the characters we’d see walking the park now. Still, it’s proof that interacting with our favorite Disney characters has always been a fun draw to visiting the park.

Watching the video is a trip. It feels like a totally different world to us who weren’t even alive at that time. However, it’s fun to see that while no one dresses the same and we can all take better videos with our smartphones, the joy of visiting the happiest place in the world has always been the same.

The comment section was proof that this video was a fun and heartwarming walk down memory lane. “My god I love this,” one person said. “It’s the closest we have to real time travel.”

Makes us wonder what people will say about our videos 47 years from now – in 2068.

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