Disney+ Rumored To Get a Watch Party Feature Very Soon

If true, this could be very exciting

by Isabella Bridie DeLeo

You’ve probably heard of Watch Party by now, i.e., the feature in streaming services like Netflix and Hulu that allow friends and family to get together remotely and watch a movie or show together, just virtually. Watch parties allow for a very particular sort of experience, less formal than connecting over a Zoom call but also decidedly more mediated than watching a movie with friends and family in real life, and they’re very popular in these times. But did you know that Disney+ is rumored to be getting the feature sometime soon? Right now, it is just a rumor, but The DisInsider (via Disney Plus Informer) wrote about a few potential developments that may have been happening over at Disney+, mainly that new code has been embedded onto the site that implies that a Watch Party feature could be on its way, with the capability of hosting seven people.

The rumor suggests that the Watch Party might have been planned to follow the highly-anticipated release of Mulan, although the film was released a few days ago and it doesn’t appear as though Disney+ has installed that feature yet. The rumor has definitely been building up recently, with SlashFilm also writing about it, however there still hasn’t been any confirmation from Disney. But, it appears that for those who are very keen on setting up a Watch Party for Disney+, there are apparently a few plug-ins that you can install that will let you set one up, most notably Disney Plus Party. For those who really want to watch Mulan with a group of people, maybe the Watch Party feature could be a good option, that is, if it’s ever actually available?