Daniel Tiger’s Mom Will Be Going Back to Work in the Upcoming Season

The creator of the hit kid's show revealed that Daniel's mom would be returning to the workforce in season 4.

From the moment it first aired, Daniel Tiger was an absolute phenomenon for kid’s television, as children and parents alike simply can’t get enough of the popular PBS program that specializes in teaching emotional intelligence to kids. With the fourth season of the show having premiered earlier this month, series creator Angela Santomero sat down with the Atlantic to talk about what viewers can expect with the new season.

According to Santomero, the biggest thing that will change this season is that Daniel’s mom, appropriately named Mom Tiger, will be returning to work. For the first three seasons, Mom Tiger was at home to take care of Daniel but enough time has passed for her to return to her job. Daniel Tiger has always gone out of its way to look at real issues that kids in 2018 face, so it feels like a natural step to have Mom Tiger go back to her job, as an increasing number of kids are being raised with both parents working.

But what exactly does Mom Tiger do? Many may have guessed a nurse or doctor, as viewers often mistake the tunic her character wears for scrubs. However, Santomero revealed what Mom Tiger will actually be doing for work and it’s pretty badass.

“She’s a builder,” Santomero told The Atlantic. “She builds things, and she helps fix things all around the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, so we can visually see what she does. As a preschooler, it’s so cool to see Mom fix something, or build something, and you can see it before and after. She has overalls, with tools and a tool belt, things like that. It’s very cute.”