People Are Sharing Their Favorite #DadQuotes on Twitter and Holy Shit Dads Are Hilarious

"Everyone in this room is here because I got laid."


Jimmy Fallon’s version of The Tonight Show is designed for the era of social media. He often shows photos and videos of his guests from social media and reads their tweets. Recurring bits like Classroom Instruments and Slapjack seem designed for maximum virality online. And he’s willing to eschew the writer’s room and crowdsource entire segments, as in his latest social media stunt: #DadQuotes.

#DadQuotes is the natural companion to #MomQuotes, a similar bit Fallon did a couple of years ago. Fallon got the ball rolling with a story of his own, a classic tale of a stubborn dad clinging to a belief that obviously isn’t true.

Fallon’s clout — he has 51.2 million followers — is such that the hashtag immediately started trending, and people were eager to share the best bits of nonsense they’ve heard dads say. Many of the best responses were just immensely corny jokes, the bread-and-butter of any dad’s humor repertoire.

Yikes. People also shared tweets about the technological savvy (or lack thereof) of their fathers.

The thing that stands out about #DadQuotes is that, no matter what kind of comment it is, dads just don’t care what other people think. This is especially true of their family members and friends, but it also extends to random members of the general public.

If they did care, they’d make jokes that other people thought were funny (something that, almost by definition, is not true of dad jokes). They also probably wouldn’t make the same jokes over and over again.

Then, there’s the very special category of dad burns.

This one is brutal, but making your kids cringe is part of the joy of fatherhood.

One dad even got his daughter in trouble with a piece of sage wisdom that didn’t go over well at school.

Last but not least, our favorite #DadQuote is just a masterstroke of parenting, a tour de force performance in which a single comment in a moment of dismay instills a good habit for life.

*Italian chef kiss*