Hilarious TikTok Shows How ‘Back to School’ Is No Break for Parents

"What do you mean it's due tomorrow?"

It’s officially back-to-school season, which may be a tragedy for kids. But for parents, saying goodbye to summer feels like the light at the end of the tunnel, after several months of balancing working and taking care of your tiny human full time, and a few years of doing that throughout the school year, too, because of COVID.

Except the reality is that the school year comes with its own series of headaches and comedian (and dad) Kevin Laferriere perfectly nailed the nightmare of the back-to-school experience with a hysterical TikTok.

Kevin is one-half of the comedy duo The Dumb Dads. He and his comedy partner Evan Kyle Berger have gained an online following by laughing at all of the insanity that parents have to go through every single day.

“Kids starting school next week, I am free,” Kevin says confidently. Famous last words, as we cut to a week later and see how there really is no freedom for parents.

The rest of the video is a hilarious compilation of the increasingly exhausted dad dealing with the endless headaches that come with kids being back in school, including “what do you mean it’s due tomorrow?” and “come on, the bus is coming!”

Of course, not everything is the kid’s fault, as Kevin is shown having a brief moment of respite before realizing he forgot something pretty important.

“Oh, I gotta pick her up,” he says before he starts running to school to get his daughter.

The TikTok nails the never-ending challenges that every parent faces when their kid is back at school, which is why it quickly went viral.

Thousands of parents commented to voice their own favorite complaints about back-to-school time, such as having to sign a million papers for some reason, and your kid letting you know that a project is due tomorrow as you’re trying to get them ready for bed.

“I am not ready to make lunches again,” one commenter wrote. “I hate lunches.”