This Dad’s Viral Video About Anxiety When Kids Sleep In Is Super Relatable

We want our kids to sleep in ... except we also don't.

kid sleep
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There are a lot of good things that have come from social media and finding a video that speaks to us is always comforting. Whether it’s giving us a laugh, easing our fears, or showing that we’re not too far off of what other parents are doing. For one dad, he recently had a video go viral on TikTok when he spoke of the anxiety he feels when his kid sleeps in and it’s ridiculous and relatable.

Justin, who goes by drumbeatlane on TikTok, shared a video about the panic that sets in when a kid sleeps in. On the surface, we should be excited – an opportunity to have some quiet downtime or extra sleep yourself. Plus extra sleep will mean our kiddo is easier to deal with, right? Well, yes but also, no. That’s not how it works in our minds.

“Do y’all ever wake up and your kids aren’t awake, and it’s the normal time they’d be awake, and you’re like ‘Oh my gosh, how are they still asleep?'” Justin says. “And you’re kind of enjoying the peace and quiet, and then you’re like ‘Oh, are they alive?’ But you’re like, ‘Oh this is so nice, I do want them to be alive but I’m really enjoying them not being awake right now.”

It’s happened to you, too, right? It’s not something we’ve heard someone say out loud, but oh how relatable it is. Justin continues, saying that he never knows what to do in that moment.

“So you have this mixed feeling of, like, ‘I’m kinda okay with this right now and I hope they’re okay, but I’m not going to check on this and see if they’re alive because I don’t want to mess up this silence,” he continued.

“No? Just me,” he finished his video.

It’s not just him and that was made clear in the comment section when parents flocked to share that they, too, have experience the same conundrum.

“Same but I always check because anxiety & ruin it every single time,” one parent said.

“Why do we always default to dead?!” shared another person. “Never just resting well, never they must have been tired, but instead DEAD. Logic.”

“This feeling continues even when they are 16 and not awake at 11:00am,” someone else wrote. “You want to know they are alive but don’t want to poke the bear either.”

So, there you have it. If you ever wondered if other parents feel this way when their kid sleeps for an extra 10 minutes even, we do.