Dad Calls Out Parents Who Didn’t Invite His Autistic Son to Their Kids’ Birthday Parties

"Have you any idea how hurtful that is?"


It’s never easy watching your young child be ignored when birthday party invitations come around. After watching his six-year-old autistic son not get invited to party after party, one father decided to share his frustration and anger online with an emotional rant.

In the post, the father makes it clear that these feelings have been stirring inside him for some time before explaining that his son’s autism should not mean he’s treated like he has “fucking leprosy.” He also called out several of his “so-called friends” who have kids and have still not extended the invite to his son when it was time for their birthday parties.

He tells those who have ostracized his son to “go and fuck yourselves” before asking them if they have thought about how painful this whole experience must be for his son. This dad’s wife agreed wholeheartedly with her husband’s feelings on the way their son has been treated and so she shared his statement on her blog Life of Reilly’s Twitter account. The rant was retweeted more than 4,000 times and several readers praised the dad for standing up for his son against this subtle but sinister discrimination.

A recent government study found that approximately one in 45 kids in the United States have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Despite it being a common disorder, so many people still tend to treat anyone on the autism spectrum like they are almost subhuman.