Dad’s Wild MLB Logo Team Guesses Make a Hilarious TikTok

Wait until you see what he guesses for the White Sox.

Wild MLB guesses TikTok

One dad’s attempt at guessing the names of baseball teams purely based on logos has gone viral, as he has the ability to come up with names that are as absurd as they are hilarious.

TikTok user Joe Mele showed his dad the logos of major league baseball teams and then had him guess and, without fail, his dad’s guesses would make absolutely no sense.

For the Toronto Blue Jays, he was able to correctly identify the bird but mistook the Canadian maple leaf for a marijuana leaf. So he guessed “the Friendly Blue Jays, Eh.”

When he saw the White Sox logo, he saw the “S” and “X” and immediately wondered why there was a professional baseball team called Sex. And for the Baltimore Orioles, he initially thought the bird looked like Peter Griffin but when he was told it had nothing to do with Family Guy, he went with the Ostriches because of the “O” on the hat.

For the Chicago Cubs, the giant “C” managed to throw him off and he ended up guessing “Ubs” and he almost got the Tampa Bay Rays right but thought they were named after Ray-Bans instead of devil rays.

He finished it off with two more impressively wrong guesses, thinking that the Pittsburgh Pirates were the Spikey P’s and that the Boston Red Sox were just called Stinky Socks. Although to be fair, Stinky Socks would be a pretty cool name for a baseball team and makes as much sense as a team being named the color of their socks.

Dad did manage to get one answer right when he was asked to guess the Oakland baseball team and he even managed to deliver a pretty solid dad joke.

“Something I never got in high school,” he said. “Straight A’s.”

Well done, sir. The videos both received millions of views, proving that the world will never be tired of dads trying to engage with things they know nothing about.