This Dad Came Up With a Very ‘Dad’ Solution to Washing Baby Bottles

“Smarter not harder, bro.”

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Credit: Facebook / Christy Gammel Peterson

One of the hardest things about becoming a new parent is trying to juggle their needs on top of regular life. That challenge becomes even harder when you have twins, and the idea of triplets is enough to set many off in panic mode. But, when you’re a parent, even of triplets, you’ve got to get creative with your time and that’s what this one dad did. His wife took to Facebook to share this genius dad hack that was born from that need to get creative. The video went viral and this hack is so dad; I can’t stop laughing.

This family from Lincoln, Nebraska, welcomed triplets seven months ago. Along with triplets, Trae, Arya, and Natashia, comes a whole lot of baby bottles. Most parents understand how often we have to stand by the sink and wash baby bottles each day. Multiply that by three, and you could very well end up spending your whole day washing bottles. Parents of triples don’t have time for that; no one does. But if you find yourself with a lot of bottles and limited time, Aerol Peterson has a hack for that.

Aerol’s wife, Christy Gammel Peterson, posted a video on Facebook of him washing the triplet’s baby bottles, and it went viral. According to Christy, she arrived home after grocery shopping to discover her husband washing the baby bottles with a scrub brush attached to the power drill.

“See, it works beautifully,” he says, looking at the camera. “Smarter not harder, bro.” He demonstrates how fast he can wash one bottle with this unique power drill attachment, and the sink full of clean bottles and parts is proof enough for me that this works.

The video, posted to Facebook on January 2nd, has been watched over 11 million times and shared 215 thousand times. I’m sure dad is proud of his clever hack, and I’m wondering which baby company is going to see this and market their own idea.

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