Dad Builds Incredible Quarantine Coffee Shop In His Own Backyard

This is really cool.

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An Orange County, California dad (and contractor) went viral this week after his daughter posted videos and photos of a completed side project he had been working on for three months on Twitter. The project? The dad — Ed Astrid — worked for three months, solo, using scraps from other construction projects to DIY build his own backyard coffee house. His daughter posted some photos of the project from early stages to completed, beautiful project on her Twitter, and to her surprise, the moment went totally viral.

The project likely began amid quarantine, which makes sense because many of the more frivolous things in life, like spending an afternoon at a coffee shop, are no longer available to many people, and likely wasn’t available to her dad.

“I’ve grown up watching my dad build amazing things around our house and for other people, he is truly an extraordinary builder,” Julianna Astrid, Ed’s daughter, told Newsweek in an article that covered the awesome craft project.

“He has always had a love for coffee and cozy spots and recently decided to fuel that love into something for his own backyard where the family and our guests can sit back, lounge and bond.”

After the tweets went viral, she also featured a hilarious video of her dad walking around the coffee shop while mimicking the mid-2000’s MTV show Cribs and posted a video of her dad reacting to being featured on the local news.

“What?” He exclaims. “I’m on the news!?” It’s over all adorable for a fun, side project that her dad took on to stay busy and have fun. He even launched an Instagram to keep posting building videos and to promote his business.

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