Dad Bods: Assemble! Low-Budget Viral Video ‘Avengers’ Are the Heroes We Deserve

If only superhero movies were more like real life...

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Dad-bods — Assemble!

Superhero movies are certainly not great at making anyone feel good about their bodies. Even though Avengers: Endgame gave us Dad-Bod Thor, everyone else seems to have gym habits that make us feel really bad about ourselves. So, how can we keep loving the Avengers and not feel like we’re getting fat-shamed at the same time? Pass me a craft beer, because here come the Dad Bod Avengers.

On Thursday, a viral video posted by the Instagram account But It’s Low Budget, featured a bunch of regular looking dudes acting-out signature Avengers-moves by jumping out of a pool. There’s Iron Man, Hulk, I guess Captain America, maybe that one guy is Scarlet Witch actually, I don’t know, and then, yep, that last guy is clearly grabbing Thor’s hammer, which in this case, is a ping-pong paddle.

Okay, so, in fairness, not all these guys have Dad-Bods. Like, some of them just seem like college dudes who are in shape, but, there’s a fair representation of Dad-Bods here, which honestly, is all we should be focusing on. Back in the ’60s, Sean Connery was allowed to have a little bit of a gut and still be James Bond. And now, these poolside Avengers are making us long for those days, too.

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