This Custom-Made, 1,200-Round Nerf Gun is Bigger Than Your Kid

You'll need a tripod just to shoot this monstrous toy gun.

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Youtube: Coop772

When it comes to taking standard Nerf guns and making them totally badass, nobody can best Frank Cooper. His YouTube channel (Coop772) is a visual feast of modified foam-flinging masterpieces. But his newest contraption might be Cooper’s best work yet: a relatively simple mod that results in a massive Nerf gun that looks like it belongs in the next Star Wars movie. It is so big, in fact, that Cooper requires a tripod just to use it properly. This might seem like more trouble than it’s worth until you see the gun in action. This 1,200-round, one-of-a-kind toy gun is truly a monstrosity.

Thankfully, Cooper doesn’t just show off his new creation, he also gives viewers a chance to see exactly how he made this insane weapon of mild destruction. It turns out Cooper was able to make this massive machine by combining three Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K blasters through a bit of dismantling and rewiring, including replacing the 18 D-sized batteries with rechargeable power cells, which will help the gun last longer and fire at a higher velocity. Of course, standard Nerf guns don’t come with a hopper capable of holding 1,200 tiny foam balls, so Cooper created his own custom ammo hopper using a giant plastic storage container.

So, if you’re desperate to establish your dominance in family Nerf wars and have some time to kill, you may want to try creating your own modified Nerf gun. Will it turn out as cool as this expert-made one? Probably not. But you could still end up making something that beats the hell out of your kid’s standard dart gun. Your kid may not like it but as they say, all’s fair in love and Nerf war.

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