Toddler Tries To Lie His Way Out Of Trouble In Hilarious Viral TikTok

The evidence was all over his face.

A boy has cupcake frosting on his face

As grown adults, it’s hard to resist a sweet treat. If we had cupcakes sitting on the kitchen counter, it wouldn’t take long for us to walk past and swipe one. Or, at the very least, take a small swipe of frosting off the top. Who would know, right? Well, one little boy tried this trick, and he could have gotten away with swiping some sweet sweet frosting off the top of a bunch of cupcakes… If his guilt wasn’t written all over his face.

In an adorable viral TikTok, 2-year-old TJ was caught sticky-handed while lying to try and save himself from trouble. In the viral video, TJ’s dad confronted the little boy after finding some missing frosting on the cupcakes that were in the kitchen.

“Who did this, TJ?” the dad asks the toddler while holding a package of cupcakes. At least two of the dessert treats had all their frosting swiped off.

“Did you do this?” dad asks again, “you didn’t do this, TJ?”

“No,” the young boy says with confidence.

His dad gave him a few more chances, to tell the truth. “You didn’t do this, TJ?” he asks again. Off-screen, a child, likely TJ’s older sibling, tries to convince him to tell the truth. “Yes, you did,” they said.

Dad asks again, “Who got them cupcakes, TJ? Did you do it?”

Holding firmly, TJ tells his dad “no,” that it wasn’t him that got to the cupcakes without permission and just eating off the frosting.

“You sure? ” dad asks one more time. Adding, “this is your last chance. Are you sure did you do it?”

Again, TJ says “no,” it wasn’t him.

“So, you didn’t push this chair over here and on there and get them cupcakes,” dad asks again, certain that it was TJ who swiped the frosting.

Why was dad so sure? Especially when there were other kids in the home? Well, the evidence was all over TJ’s face. Seriously. Literally. While his dad was questioning him, TJ’s face and hands were covered with frosting in the video. The same colors missing from the cupcakes.

Even still, the adorable boy hilariously tried to lie his way out of trouble, and the video went viral on TikTok. Amassing more than 2.2 million views and 16,000 comments, everyone had fun playing up the story and pretending it totally wasn’t TJ that got into those cupcakes.

“Leave my man TJ alone,” one person commented. “He ain’t do non.”

Another said, “Leave TJ alone. He was framed,” while another commenter tried to have TJ’s back, saying it wasn’t him because he was with TJ the whole time.

“Why did you buy cupcakes with the frosting half-eaten? Weird,” someone else tried to play it off.

And several comments said what we were all thinking. “He didn’t do it. Leave him alone. You have zero proof!”

Sorry, TJ. You were caught, sticky-handed.