Safety Warning

Why DockATot Received A Warning From The Consumer Product Safety Commission

The CPSC has issued a public violation notice for DockATot over its Deluxe+ Dock for not complying with the new safety standards set by the Sleep Product Rule.

DockATot Deluxe+ Dock from DockATot
the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

On Wednesday November 9th, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) publicly issued a violation notice to DockATot, maker of the popular Deluxe+ Dock product, a pillow-type infant lounger. The CPSC issued the warning because they claim the company continued to import and sell the popular product, in violation of the CPSC’s new Infant Sleep Product Rule that went into effect on June 23rd, 2022.

“CPSC recently issued a violation notice to one firm, DockATot, for importing an infant sleep product manufactured after June 23, 2022 that fails to comply with the mandatory requirements of the [Infant Sleep Product Rule],” the CPSC’s statement reads.

The CPSC’s Sleep Product Rule sets a federal safety standard for infant products intended or marketed for sleep. The DockATot Deluxe+ Dock has been marketed for sleep in the past but the company states they stopped marketing the product for sleep in 2020.

DockATot’s CEO Trip Coyne pushed back on the CPSC in a public response: "We lead our categories in product testing, research, and contribution to the development of product safety standards. We have closely followed the evolution of the Safety Standard for Infant Sleep Product Rule since its inception.”

Here’s everything you need to know.

Which DockATot product received the warning?

The product from DockATot that received the public warning was the popular Deluxe+ Dock, which was marketed as a product for sleep until 2020.

“The DockATot Deluxe+ Dock is the ultimate docking station for newborns and babies up to 8 months,” the description of the product now reads. “Handy multifunctional Swedish design offers a comfy and safe spot for supervised activities like diaper changes, tummy time, playing, and lounging.”

The product description states the product is unsafe for sleeping or napping. However, the company acknowledged that babies often fall asleep in the Deluxe+ Dock and says that supervised sleep is acceptable — a problematic statement that led in part to the violation notice from the CPSC.

What is the new Sleep Product Rule the CPSC used to warn DockATot?

Last year, the CPSC issued a ground-breaking safety rule called the Sleep Product Rule. The rule sets out a federal safety standard for products marketed as sleep products for infants. The rule went into effect on June 23, 2022. Now, inclined sleepers need to follow strict standards.

The standards include requiring infant products marketed for sleep have a surface angle of 10 degrees or lower and sides not shorter than 7.5 inches, and they need to meet stability standards, among others standards. The DockATot Deluxe+ Dock reportedly failed to meet those standards, according to WhatToExpect.

Since the rule went into effect, more than 125 letters have been sent to businesses regarding products that don’t meet the standard, including DockATot. However, the CPSC claimed the company failed to comply with the warning.

“The CPSC will aggressively enforce the rule in order to protect the most vulnerable among us, our children,” said Alexander Hoehn-Saric, Chair of the CPSC.

Why did the DockATot Deluxe+ Dock receive the warning?

“Last year, CPSC issued the Infant Sleep Products Rule to eliminate products too dangerous for infant sleep from the market. After our rule took effect this year, we issued DockATot a notice of violation, informing the company that its product, when manufactured on, or after, June 23, 2022, violates the Infant Sleep Products Rule and may not be imported, distributed, or sold in the United States,” said CPSC commissioner Richard L. Trumka said.

However, despite the warning, the CPSC states that the company continued to manufacture and import the product.

“It is unsafe for your baby to sleep in a DockATot Deluxe+,” he added, and called on people to “immediately discontinue its use.”

He also encouraged people to look at reports of infant deaths associated with DockATot: “I encourage you to read the reports of infants’ deaths associated with DockATot products, as reported by members of the public.”

The CPSC’s official statement also noted that the Safe Sleep for Babies Act, a congressional law passed earlier this year that bans crib bumpers and infant sleep products “and applies to all products in the marketplace, not just those that are manufactured after the effective date of the new rule,” went into effect on November 12th, 2022.

What is DockATot saying?

DockATot issued a public press release two days after the CPSC made its notice public to “offer further transparency and help demystify some recent unsettling headlines.”

In the press release, CEO Coyne said "we ceased marketing our product as an infant sleep solution in 2020.”

The company also clarified that the Deluxe+ Dock “has not been recalled, nor has a stop sale been issued,” and notes that it “voluntarily ceased manufacturing and chose not to sell Deluxe+ Docks in the US which were made after June 23, 2022,” when the Sleep Product Rule went into effect. The latter claim conflicts with the the CPSC statement.

As of November 11, per Sleepopolis, “the company still [had] multiple colorways posted for sale, but notes in the descriptions that the products were manufactured prior to June 22, 2022.”

“DockATot disagrees with the Notice of Violation and feels misrepresented by the agency's statements but will continue to work with the CPSC in good faith in hopes of resolving any concerns it may have,” according to Coyne’s press release.

In regard to the deaths linked to the Deluxe+ Dock, the company statement reads, “We know of tragic deaths that have occurred while a dock was in use, but, while we continue to investigate and learn, do not believe the dock to have been the cause of any such incidents.”

What should caregivers do if they have the DockATot product?

If you own a Deluxe+ Dock from DockATot, the CPSC commissioner’s advice is to stop using it immediately.