TikTok Mom’s Brilliant Coparenting Calendar Hack For Their Kids Goes Viral

These brilliant co-parents use calendars to reinforce routine and control in their kid's schedules.

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A calendar of shared custody helps kids feel control over their schedules

Co-parenting is a major learning curve for parents who used to be married and now have to deal with parenting while separating or divorcing. Parents have to learn to co-parent with their ex while, ideally, keeping the peace, and making sure their kids stay well-adjusted throughout the process. A successful divorce, really, is one that prioritizes kids and their health.

Meanwhile, those kids have to learn how to manage two schedules: knowing when they’ll be at one parent’s home and when they’ll be at the other’s. It’s a lot to juggle, but one TikTok parent shared a brilliant co-parenting calendar hack that’s perfect for kids on dual schedules.

Kinsey M. recently shared a hack to their TikTok account where they post under the handle skywalkeraa16_18. Using a dry erase calendar and markers, Kinsey shares the hack that comforts their 4-year-old daughter as she transitions between the two homes of her mom and dad.

“If you’re co-parenting right now, I have a little trick that might help with your kiddo’s transitions,” Kinsey says as they demonstrate how the calendar they use at home works. Kinsey explains that each day of the month is numbered using two different colors. The days their daughter will be at her dad’s house are written in black. The numbers written in blue dry erase are the dates that she’ll be with mom.

In addition to that, Kinsey also uses red dots on certain days that indicate when their daughter is transitioning from mom’s house to dad’s house and vice versa.

Kinsey says the benefit of this calendar with the dual colors and dots gives their daughter the ability to check the calendar and know her schedule. Looking at this, Kinsey’s daughter can answer for herself when she’s going to see dad next, which can help her feel some control over the transition days.

Kinsey explained, “My daughter was struggling with transitions, so making her a visual to look at has given her a sense of control over the situation, which in turn, has given her comfort.”

The co-parenting calendar hack has been viewed over 380,000 times, with parents commenting on how useful this hack would be for their own house. “My parents split when I was 7 years old, and I wish I had this as a child as I struggled big-time with the whole thing,” one TikTok user wrote.

“I really like that,” another person wrote, adding, “I think I am most definitely going to be using this. my son is 3.”

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