Elsa would definitely be proud!


Claire Ryann Crosby, 7 Year Old, Cover Of Disney Frozen 2 Song

by Devan McGuinness
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Some children are born with a talent that makes our jaw drop and has us thinking of how such a small human could be filled with so much talent. Some kids are born with these unique abilities, and that’s true for a 7-year-old girl who is an incredible singer. Not just good for her age, but seriously talented and her cover of a song from Disney’s Frozen 2 proves this.

Claire Ryann is only 7 years old and she’s already popular on social media. One of her latest videos has racked up 7 million total views between Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. No, she doesn’t do a whole lot of toy unboxing on her family channel called The Crosbys, she’s a singer, and man is she good.

The little star with a big voice did a cover of the Frozen 2 song Into The Unknown complete with a video and it caught the attention of pretty much everyone, going viral because she’s really talented. The little star has been covering Disney songs and sharing them on social media since she was a young toddler, and she’s been able to sing in some pretty amazing places including The Ellen Show and on stage at The Voice. The whole family gets involved with her dad, David, helping with the production of the video, and it’s a really, really good.

Gorgeous location shots, costumes that look straight out of a movie, and cinematography that uses great tricks and tools (including beautiful drone shots), this video would make Anna and Elsa proud. The vocals left me with goosebumps, and it’s hard to not smile through the entire thing of this sweet girl living her very best life.

Give the video a watch and listen to her incredible vocals below.

She’s only 7-years-old and this talented, the world should watch out!

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